The Paros Chamber Choir

Since 1993 the award-winning Paros Chamber Choir has impressed audiences around the world. International performances have included England, Armenia, Georgia, Lebanon, Italy and most recently their 2005 performance in France. Since its inception, the Paros Chamber Choir has participated in several international competitions and has truly become a lighthouse or beacon (Paros translated in Armenian) for The Armenian Nation.

Audiences find themselves inspired and overjoyed with the sounds of the Paros Chamber Choir. Despite the fact that most of the Choir’s members are disabled and all sing from a seated position, working with Maestro Raffi Mikaelian, the group has developed into a world-class Chamber Choir.

The Paros Foundation provides annual funding to the Choir of approximately $20,000 and rent free office and rehearsal space. Our goal through our work with the Paros Chamber Choir is to raise international awareness of this truly remarkable choir and to attract additional resources and opportunities for them.

We welcome additional sponsors to sponsor the following projects:

$1,250 to sponsor the production of high quality banner to be used on-stage at all Paros concerts. Banner sponsors will be listed on the Paros Chamber Choir website and on the banner itself.

$2,500 to sponsor new costumes for the Paros Chamber Choir. Costume sponsors will be listed on the Paros Chamber Choir website and at the premier concert utilizing the new costumes.

$3,500 to sponsor regional concerts in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh. Concert sponsors will be listed on the Paros Chamber Choir website, in all press releases related to these events and at the concerts.

For more information about these sponsorship opportunties, please us at, or to donate now, click here.

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