Vahan Village School Repair

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REGION Gegharkunik
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END DATE Two months from start date


The village of Vahan is located in an isolated border area north of Lake Sevan, and south of Armenia's Tavush border communities. More than 1,000 people call Vahan their home. According to residents of Armenia's border village Vahan (meaning shield) say proudly that their village is the northeast gate, the main border-guard of Armenia. They came here from Artsvashen. This was an Armenian village within the administrative territory of Azerbaijan during the Soviet period; and Azeri villages surrounded it. Armenians left Artsvashen during the Armenian-Azeri conflict years.

The medical center was renovated in the last few years. The village kindergarten, designed for 40 children, which had been closed since 1992, was reopened in November of 2011. Residents maintain livestock and cultivate potatoes to earn a living.

The school, which has 150 students attending, is located 500 meters from the Azeri border. It has been partially renovated by several different organizations. Currently, three classrooms are in need of renovation. Sponsorship of this project will help renovate all three classrooms, including new flooring, paint, doors, windows, electrical work and refurbished furniture. There will also be minor cosmetic renovations done to the entryway of the school.


Many classrooms throughout Armenia's schools remain in deplorable conditions. Children should not have to try and learn in these conditions. Because of substandard doors and windows, many classrooms become unusable in the winter months due to the cold. While the Armenian Government and others regularly engage in a campaign to remodel schools, they simply cannot meet the huge need.


The short-term impact will be the employment of at least three people to renovate the classrooms for two months and the benefit to the local economy through the order for needed supplies and classroom furniture. All materials will be purchased in Armenia, thus providing a boost to the local economy. In addition, local villagers will be hired to complete the construction work, thus providing them with temporary jobs. Three classrooms will be fully renovated.


The long-term impact will benefit at least 10 years of students that will be able to take classes using the updated and modern classroom. This will have a huge psychological impact on both the students and teachers. When schools are in better conditions they will encourage families to stay hence, deter emigration from the village.


  • Anonymous  (2017)
  • John A. Boghossian, DDS (2017) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Vartan & Taline Gharibian (2017 ) - CA, USA
  • The Phase Foundation (2016) - MD, USA
  • Anonymous  (2017)
  • Armenian Students Cultural Association, University of Michigan (2017) - MI, USA
  • Dr. & Mrs. Hrayr & Zaroug Kabakian (2016) - CA, USA
  • Hilion, Taleen, Armen Khatchadourian (2017) - CA, USA
  • John A. Boghossian, DDS (2017) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Dr. John & Ani Kedeshian (2016) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Alec & Anahid Gulesserian (2016) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Nora Akarakian (2016) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Lisa Manoogian (2016) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Fernando & Neva Gallegos (2017) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Susan Pogharian (2016) - PA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Pakrad & Katrin Markarian (2017) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Mary Goshtigian (2016) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Raffi & Nanor Karagozian (2017) - MA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Shahen & Arax Hairapetian (2016) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Stuart & Caroline Arakelian (2016) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Vartan & Taline Gharibian (2017 ) - CA, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Vasken & Anahid Kassabian (2016) - NY, USA
  • Mr. & Mrs. Zareh & Sosi Adourian (2016) - CA, USA
  • Mr. David Tateosian (2017) - CA, USA
  • Mr. Edward Godoshian (2016) - CA, USA
  • Mr. John Shahabian (2016) - CA, USA
  • Mr. Raffi Allaverdi (2016) - NJ, USA
  • Mr. Richard Weil, Jr. (2017) - MA, USA
  • Mrs. Katherine Halebian (2017) - NJ, USA
  • Mrs. Lisa Esayian (2016) - IL, USA
  • Mrs. Virginia Dadourian (2017) - NY, USA
  • Ms. Diane Jebejian (2016) - CA, USA
  • Nersesian Family (2016) - CA, USA
  • Seraydarian Family (2016) - CA, USA
  • The Phase Foundation (2016) - MD, USA


Sponsorship of the Vahan Village School Repair will be recognized on a plaque at the School, on The Paros Foundation website and in appropriate press related to this important project. The Paros Foundation will happily arrange a visit to the Vahan Village School when you are in Armenia.
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