Vanadzor Music School No3

The School provides music and dance instruction for 150 children. Rebuilt with funds from the All Armenia Fund and the Arshak II Opera project (San Francisco, CA,) children are able to attended classes in modern surroundings. The Foundation supports children in the form of scholarships awarded both on merit and need to attend classes.

Ghoghanj Children’s Center

Created in 2001, the Center provides after school care and classes for at risk, socialy challenged and physically disabled children. The Foundation supports their mission to provid guidance and services for Armenia's most vulnerable population.

Vanadzor Museum of Fine Arts

Founded in 1975, the Vanadzor Museum of Fine Arts contains hidden treasures in the Lori Region. The Museum contains an impressive collection of art work. The Foundation’s goal in working with the Museum is to bring its amazing art to travelers in Armenia and to the world.


NGO-Supporting People with Special Needs. Founded in 2001, UNISON is among the most effective non-government organizations in Armenia. Their goal is to serve and improve the lives of people with disabilities in Armenia. The Foundation supports UNISON’s vision of an Armenia that will allow all of its citizens to prosper.

Manana Youth Center

Founded in 1996, the award-winning Manana Youth Center provide outstanding training for children 8 to 22 years of age, in all aspects of documentary film production, animation, photography and journalism. The Foundation strongly believes in the investment in a child’s creative potential and is proud to support the work of Manana.

The Paros Chamber Choir

Founded in 1993, the award-winning Paros Chamber Choir performs a wide repertoire of music including songs by accomplished Armenian, Russian and American composers. The Foundation works with the Choir to bring their rich gift of song to the world.