Chairman's Message

Armenia has so many extraordinary people willing to sacrifice themselves to bring benefit to their fellow countrymen.  They harness their personal talent and energy, along with that of their friends and neighbors, to bring new light and hope to the lives of people who would not otherwise receive necessary support and attention. Meeting and witnessing the hospitality of the Armenian people sparked my yearning to give back by establishing The Paros Foundation to help the Armenian people.

This year proved the value of The Paros Foundation and my vision in successfully implementing useful and important projects in Armenia and Artsakh.  I see this as the future direction of The Paros Foundation. Through specific projects the Foundation and its family of donors can help provide value added benefits for Armenia and her people.

When you financially support Paros projects, every dollar you send goes directly to the effort because my family underwrites all of the Foundation's administrative expenses. Consider partnering with Paros. If your family is already supporting projects in Armenia, you may wish to consider leveraging Paros'  administrative infrastructure to help oversee your project. We would happily partner with you to manage your philanthropic activities.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many people.

Roger Strauch