About Paros 100 Projects

To honor the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, the Paros Foundation is launching The Paros 100 Projects for Prosperity Program to benefit Armenia and her people. Our team of professionals in the US and Armenia are ready to implement 100 special projects, to help make Armenia stronger and improve the lives of her people. Join us now and make your families’ commitment today.

Sponsor a project through The Paros Foundation and help make Armenia the country it should be and the country of our dreams. Help bring needed assistance to the lives of the elderly, children and people with disabilities in Armenia. Help make Armenia a place of peace, and prosperity and help our rich heritage thrive. Sponsor a project in your family's name or in the name of a loved one by making a lasting difference in Armenia’s destiny.

The Paros Foundation has identified project areas that will make a tremendous difference in Armenia and its people. You can, you will make a difference. Choose one of these four project categories:

Development: Projects contributing to the development of civil society, transparency and democracy in Armenia, and that provide people the opportunity to work and care for their families.

Humanitarian: Projects impacting the lives of the elderly, children and people with disabilities.

Education: Projects that help schools, children and ensure the intellectual development of future generations including Genocide education.

Cultural: Projects that preserve and cultivate Armenia’s rich heritage and culture.